5 Tips To Dental Care In Winters

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With winter comes an extreme change in the weather. It brings in freezing temperatures that are wonderful in theory but in reality, are toll taking. Cold doesn’t just cause pesky issues like throat irritation and dry, chapped skin. It can also affect your oral health, says City Place Dental. So, this change of season here are five tips to keeping your teeth in the best condition. For more Info on oral care throughout the year, read here.
• The most common effect of lower temperatures is the rise in teeth sensitivity. It is the most frequent affliction of winters in people. After all, who here has not experienced teeth ache after scarfing down an ice cream? It is not just food and drinks; the chilly air during the cold season affects our teeth similarly. The good news is that there are tons of ways to avoid the slight discomfort of sensitivity. Two of them are:
o using a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth
o rinsing out your mouth with salt water

• The second tip for winter care for teeth is to keep your hands away from the mouth. It will help prevent a breakout of cold sores. Cold sores occur when the weather turns, and the immune system is already weak. If a cold sore still occurs, the best treatment is to apply a topical cure. It will halt the spread of infection further.

• Winter is synonymous with food and sweet treats. We binge on delicious and yummy bakes and cakes for most of the season. While giving in to the temptation of sweets is fine, cavity care should also be kept in mind. To avoid cavities in winter brush properly and regularly along with flossing. Drink a sufficient amount of water so as to get rid of any bacteria and food particles stuck in your mouth.

• Another method of keeping your teeth healthy in winter is to have dental friendly foods. Any item that is high in calcium is the ideal way to keep the gums and teeth fit during the season. Some food that you can have are:
o Fresh, crisp vegetables
o crunchy fruits
o cheese

• The last advice for winter teeth care is actually for lips. Chapped and bleeding lips can make it really hard to look after oral health properly. Therefore, it is critical to keep them in perfect condition, and we all know that cracked lips are the first sign of the oncoming season. So, we say invest in a good lip balm. A salve that also has SPF+ would be the best option to protect lips.

While we are at it, we give you one extra advice for winter care. Teeth are not the only crucial part of the body. The skin is vital. It forms the first line of defense for us. Ergo, everyone needs to care for it when the temperature outside begins to drop. Drink plenty of water and keep it moisturized at all times!